Zac Efron makes first contact with aliens

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Hollywood hunk Zac Efron is best known for his powerful performance in the intense High School Musical 3, but according to my sources, he may well be responsible for one in the most dramatic scientific advances in human history.

What many people don’t know about Zac is that, as well as being one of the hottest actors on the planet, he is a foremost authority on the search for extra terrestrial life and created and maintains one of the most powerful telescope arrays in the hemisphere.

Interestingly, the only array bigger is in Colin Farrell’s garden and is the basis of an intense rivalry between the two men.

According to a close personal friend of Zac, it was last Thursday that the dramatic events took place

“Yeah, I was just chilling at Zac’s place, yo. Watching some Great British Bake-off. Prue Leith, man,” explained the friend.

“Zac was out on his telescope array. Man, he loves that telescope array. I’m always like ‘Yo Zac, let’s hit some clubs,’ and he’s always ‘no way, got to continue the search for extra terrestrial life, bro.’ Man’s got a passion.”

“So yeah, I was chilling and Zac, yeah? My man lost it. He was going nuts. Screaming and that, so I run out and I’m like ‘Zac, what’s up?’ and he’s like ‘Man, I just made first contact with an alien species.”

According to the Hollywood grapevine, Zac Efron communicated with an advanced species from a planet known as T-011f533 who chose to make contact after watching Bad Neighbours 2 and concluding that we are now an advanced enough species to warrant interstellar communication.

Although his publicist has denied that Zac Efron has made contact with an alien species, I understand that there are now top secret plans underway for Zac Efron and a handful of scientists to meet a delegation of the aliens and pave the way for an alliance between our peoples.

Which could scupper fans’ hopes for a Baywatch sequel.

Next week, I reveal which Hollywood superstar casts no shadow.

Mole out.

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