Screen Idle is a satirical website that publishes satire, silliness, spoofs, and something else that would be alliterative.

To be clear, everything is made-up and there will be nothing factual or useful here. I just hope it raises a smile, laugh or occasional guffaw.

For the avoidance of doubt, all content on Screen Idle is copyright Off Target Productions.

I’m afraid I don’t accept contributions from writers because I can’t afford to pay you and, dammit, you worked hard! You deserve to be paid.


Neil Tollfree who runs Screen Idle

Who am I? I’m Neil Tollfree. I’m a computer programmer and, as a hobby, I write. I can also play harmonica a bit and do a couple of Yoyo tricks. The phrase you’re looking for is renaissance man.

As well as Screen Idle, I write for Viz and Newsthump. Just recently I’ve been trying to stretch myself by writing for some American sites like Little Old Lady and Points in Case.

Other than that, I eat biscuits, drink wine, listen to Kate Bush, watch Justified more than is probably normal, and play online chess.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you had a good time. Come back and see us soon


Links of note

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Summerly Digital – You need a website, go see Ali and she’ll sort you out – If you’re not very good at chess, hit me up for a game. If you are good at chess, move along, nothing to see here

Director’s Commentary – Funny podcast I wrote. Highlights of a fictional director’s commentaries on a box set of his films.

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