New Prince Charming movie to focus on male characters for a change

Prince Charming

There was relief for movie fans sick of the years and years of female characters’ domination of films, with the news that a new live-action version of the classic fairy tale Cinderella will focus on the character of Prince Charming.

The film will see the Prince viewed through the eyes of his brother with Cinderella reduced to the role of ‘some girl.’

“It’s about time,” said Ryan Stone, film fan and 2016 winner of the ‘Most crumbs stuck in beard’ competition.

“I, for one, am sick to death of this endless stream of films that just turn the male characters into ornaments to decorate the set while the women do their thing.”

“Just for once, I’d like to see a film where the men have something substantive to do and not just be there for the women to explain the plot to.”

The film will look at the life of Prince Charming through the eyes of his brother – Barry.

“That’s great news, I mean these films are normally about Cinderella, who’s just this girl who loses a shoe, which isn’t really that interesting, is it?”

“I suppose it will be good for little boys as well, you know, to have an onscreen role model with some real personality and agency.”

It is thought that the studio plans on following up the Prince Charming film with a version of Little Women made entirely from the point of view of a man who once walked past the sisters’ cottage.