Moonfall sequel sees moon and KC roam galaxy as vigilante crime-fighters

The moon, casting light down onto water. Moonfall sequel

A Moonfall sequel will see the moon and the newly uploaded consciousness of KC roam the galaxy as vigilante crime-fighters.

“Think of the first film as the superhero origin story,” said director Roland Emmerich.

“Now we’ve got our superhero, or super-moon, if you will. The moon was always hugely powerful, and now, with the help of KC’s consciousness, that power will be used to protect the innocent across the galaxy.”

The sequel will open with the moon cruising through the Oort cloud when KC notices a spaceship crashed into a comet. In the spaceship is a map to what looks like a cache of ancient artifacts. KC and the moon set off to track it down, but soon learn that they face competition and the moon and KC must race against an evil empire and a space crime-syndicate to secure the artifacts and put them in a museum where they belong.

“That’s just the first Moonfall sequel,” explained a clearly very excited Emmerich.

“The KC and the Moon stories could go on to become one of the great sci-fi franchises. The next films could see the moon going undercover and infiltrating a space-drugs cartel, or meeting an evil moon and doing battle with it, or fighting some sort of corrupt space-bureaucracy that wants to knock down an alien orphanage to make way for luxury space-apartments.”

It is thought that a whole franchise of films about a moon and a man who lives inside it battling space-crime can’t be any more dumb than Moonfall, so why not?

*Alright, perhaps ‘love’ is pushing it, maybe ‘be mildly diverted by’

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