Hot Gossip – Hugh Jackman evolves into trans-dimensional being.

Hugh Jackman

Hollywood hunk Hugh Jackman is best known for playing angry claw man Wolverine, but it looks like he could be about to put his movie career behind him after evolving into a trans-dimensional being.

He successfully completed his evolution after finishing a punishing film shoot for PT Barnham musical The Greatest Showman which opens in the UK on 1st January.

“I now exist in any and all dimensions throughout time,” said the Van Helsing star

“I am become one with the infinite cosmic continuum and exist in a place above what you all know as reality.”

Whilst Hugh’s recent evolution to a state of trans-dimensional existence is exciting news for the human race, there are fears that it could spell the end to any more X-men films.

While Hugh Jackman was successfully evolving, Oscar winning polymath Jamie Foxx had a similarly exciting week in which he bought some new socks.

“He found out his favourite pair of socks had a hole in,” said a close friend of the Baby Driver star.

“So he popped out to get some socks.”

Although there has been no official confirmation of the socks’ colour, it is rumoured that they were red.

Join me for more Hot Gossip next week as I reveal what Hollywood star was raised by wolves, and who employs a butler for her pet gerbil.