Confused Terminator returns to 1980s to hunt down Des O’Connor

A confused terminator without skin

A confused Terminator has returned to the 1980s on a mission to hunt down popular British light entertainer Des O’Connor.

“I’m honestly not sure if this is right or not, but I *think* that Des O’Connor is going to give birth to the man who is going to lead the resistance against Skynet after Judgement Day,” said a sceptical looking Terminator.

“I mean, I think that’s right. But it does seem a bit, you know, weird.”

The popular unstoppable killing machine went on to explain his doubts.

“I was sent back to that parking lot in Los Angeles where I landed in a puddle and a bit of water splashed up onto the note I had that said who I was here to hunt down and kill. It definitely says ‘Connor,’ but the first name is a bit…well, a lot…smudged.

“So, I’m pretty sure I’ve got to hunt down and kill Des O’Connor.”

Surprisingly, since returning from the future, the Terminator has become something of a fan of Des O’Connor

“That’s right. I caught some of his TV show on the plane when I was flying over to London. Seems like a nice guy. Funny. He was interviewing a woman called Elaine Paige, then they sung a song together. It was nice. Enjoyable. If I wasn’t coming here to hunt him down and kill him, I’d definitely watch his show again. Shame really.”

Several years later, a similar problem with a smudged note would see a different Terminator return to the early nineties on a mission to protect Tom O’Connor so that the popular comedian and quiz show host could go on to lead the resistance in the future.

*Alright, perhaps ‘love’ is pushing it, maybe ‘be mildly diverted by’

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