97% of people missed No Time To Die post-credit scene of Bond returning to home planet

Daniel Craig in front of a 007 logo. No Time To Die post-credit scene

Producers of the most recent James Bond film No Time To Die have declared their post-credit scene a failure after it was revealed that 97% of cinema-goers left before the small scene of James Bond returning to his home planet actually played.

The scene began in space and followed a sleek alien craft as it entered Earth’s atmosphere and landed in a remote part of Gloucestershire. An entrance ramp is lowered by its unseen occupants, James Bond, beaten and bandaged, walks out of the woods towards the craft and takes out his Walther PPK. It appears he’s going to attack the craft, but after a few moments he tosses it to the floor and walks up the ramp, turns and says ‘farewell earthlings, my work here is done.’ He then enters the ship and it takes off and flies off back to Bond’s home planet.

“It was a great scene and, frankly, I wanted it to come before the credits. I was concerned people wouldn’t wait around in theaters and find out that Daniel Craig’s Bond is an alien,” said director Cary Fukunaga.

James Bond fan Stewart James was one of the few to catch the scene in cinemas.

“Yes. I always wait until the end of the credits. I really liked the scene, it tied up a lot of the hints we’d seen about Bond being from another planet and it was really rather beautiful. I hope more people see it when it comes to streaming.”

The scene was intended as a tribute to the post-credit scene at the end of Roger Moore’s final Bond film A View to a Kill in which he pulls off his human disguise to reveal he is a lizard-man and dives into the ocean to re-join his people.

*Alright, perhaps ‘love’ is pushing it, maybe ‘be mildly diverted by’

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