Weekend Film Guide 19th January

Film Guide

Well, it’s January. Obviously, you’re not going to go out. It’s raining and you’re still labouring under desperately optimistic misapprehension that this year you’re ‘definitely going start being a bit more healthy and cut down on the booze.’

So, why not crash out on the sofa and enjoy these classic films.


The Shawshank Redemption – 23.00 ITV4

With the exception of Armageddon, the nineties’ best film about digging a big hole.

The Purple Plain – 21.30 Talking Pictures

At the peak of his powers, Prince made this semi-autobiographical- wait, ‘plain?’ Oh. Right. Well, god knows, then. Probably hasn’t got Prince in.

Convoy – 21.00 True Movies 1

My mate Chris bloody loves this. But then, he likes the orange creams in Quality Street so I don’t know what sort of recommendation that is.

Cracking theme tune, mind.


The Abyss – 21.00 Film4

Underwater aliens get cross and threaten to destroy the world. I reckon this is the inevitable conclusion to Donald Trump’s presidency.

49th Parallel – 14.20 5Spike

The 48th sequel to Parallel, presumably.

The Rainmaker – 18.10 Sony Movie Channel

Sexy idealistic young lawyer saves the day somehow. Coincidentally written by a lawyer.


The Sting – 23.00 ITV3

Paul Newman and Robert Redford star in this biography of the Police singer who can do sex for ages

Ferris Beuller’s Day Off – 17.40 ITV4

Smug little git steals a car and ruins his headmaster’s career. Probably went on to become a hedge fund manager and is now locked up on fraud charges.

Sleepless in Seattle – 12.00 Sony Movie Channel

A nice milky drink’ll take care of that.

Oh, and Lord of the Rings. Probably. I mean, I haven’t checked but it’s always on, isn’t it?