Season 3 of The Crown to show Queen’s origin story as reptilian lizard


The next series of Netflix’s blockbuster boxset The Crown will concentrate on the Queen’s origin story as a reptilian lizard.

New Creative Director David Icke said, “This series will stray away from the path of normal family-based dramas in the context of important historical events to concentrate instead on how the blood-drinking, flesh-eating, shape-shifting extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids reach their single objective of enslaving the human race.

“Fans may feel a little misled with this new direction, but will find the episodes fulfilling if they stick with it.

Olivia Colman, taking on the role of the Queen for this series, admitted, “I knew I would have to take on some accent training with a speech coach for the role of Her Majesty, but I thought this would be speaking as though I have a plum in my mouth. Instead, this appears to be having a large forked tongue and elongating my S’s.  I also have to blink sideways.

Icke added, “These Annunaki have controlled humankind since ancient times and obviously have difficulty with the concepts of British politeness, passive-aggression and not offending anyone. So Matt Smith can continue playing Prince Phillip as he has been doing for the last two years.”