Weekend Film Guide 12th January

Film Guide

It’s the weekend, you’ve got exciting plans to visit friends and family. But let’s be honest, you’re going to blow all that off and lie on the sofa watching telly like normal people, so here’s our guide to the best films this weekend.


Legends of the Fall – 19.35 Sony Movie Channel

Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, and everyone from the nineties moon about on a ranch in Montana. There’s probably a tragic death at some point. What? No, of course I haven’t seen it. Sounds bloody awful.

Paul – 22.10 ITV2

Comedy about an alien called something-or-other. Can’t remember.

First Knight – 15.45 Sony Movie Channel

At last. A film about King Arthur that takes the time to nicely blow-dry everyone’s hair. You can’t tell me a royal court wouldn’t have nice hair.


The Lord of the Rings – 17.25 ITV2

Obviously Lord of the Rings is on. Why wouldn’t it be. Just in case you missed it last week. Or the week before. Or any weekend ever in the last ten years.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation – 21.00 Channel 4

What’s an impossible rogue nation?

Unstoppable – 19.05 Film Four.

Drama about an unstoppable train. Spoiler: they stop it.


Casualties of War – 23.15 5Spike

Harrowing Vietnam drama with Michael J. Fox. Not enough time travel or turning into a werewolf.

The Krays – 21.00 ITV4

Blokes from Spandau Ballet do proper cockney gangster and no mistake guvnor. Apples and pears. Boat race. They only ever hurt their own. All that.

Frankly, I wish they’d stuck to True. Lovely song, that.

Hearts of War – 21.00 Movies4Men

No idea. Only included because it sounds like it could be a Spandau Ballet b-side.



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