Prestige costume drama that your Mum will go on about probably starting on BBC1 this Sunday

A new high budget, prestige costume drama that your Mum will want to watch is probably starting on Sunday evening. I mean, I haven’t checked or anything but it’s the sort of thing that usually happens at this time of year.

The show, probably starting Rebecca Front or David Tennant and some token Hollywood star on their uppers, is likely to feature an inordinate amount of mooning about in bonnets at a Nation Trust property in Devon and an old woman being caustic and waspish.

It is expected that everyone’s mum will make a big do of wanting to watch the new show, claiming that ‘we should watch something I want to watch, for a change,’ before falling asleep before the titles have even finished.

Critics are already hailing the programme ‘a sumptuous masterpiece,’ but then they get paid to watch it.

The show, called something like The Abbey of my Sister, will begin this Sunday at 9pm and go on for the rest of your life.

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