Screen Idle apologise for poor quality Reservoir Dogs article


Up-and-coming ‘humorous’ movie ‘news’ site Screen Idle has issued a full and frank apology for a poor quality article about the anniversary of Reservoir Dogs.

The article, which can be found here, took the premise that Reservoir Dogs was such an important film that it deserved a more significant anniversary than ‘25th,’ and made the claim that fans were lobbying to change the anniversary to ‘250th

“I’ll hold my hands up, it simply didn’t work,” said writer of the piece and all-round handsome man Neil Tollfree.

“Firstly, 2018 is actually the 26th anniversary. I wrote the article last year, and thought I could get away with just a few tweaks to make it relevant, but it came off as a bit of a stretch.”

“Secondly, the nature of the idea meant that the target of the piece became fans of Reservoir Dogs, which just comes off as mean-spirited.”

It is understood that the ombudsman for satire, topical humour and spoof news has confirmed that no further action will be taken against either Tollfree or Screen Idle, but they will be monitoring the website for any further transgressions.

The apology for the article was issued in the form of a spoof article which you are reading now in an audacious conceptual gesture that made both of Screen Idle’s regular readers’ heads spin.

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