New Alien film to be made by Aardman studios in claymation


Fans of Wallace and Grommet were in for a surprise as it was revealed that the next film from Aardman studios will be the sequel to Alien: Covenant and will be made using the studio’s trademark claymation technique.

Alien: Blimey is currently in production and will be ready for release around 2020.

“Ridley Scott approached us over summer,” confirmed Aardman studio head Nick Park.

“To be honest, we assumed he was drunk.”

“He said he wanted a fresh approach to the franchise and maybe a charming, nostalgically British take on his Alien universe rendered entirely in plasticine was the way to go.”

The plot will feature a sweet natured baker called Nobby in the fictional Yorkshire town of Bartlebury forced to lead a raggle-taggle group of villagers to safety after the Alien attacks the villagers during a cheese-rolling competition.

“It will be our first 18 rated film, and to be honest, I don’t think we’ve used this much red plasticine since we started,” chuckled the animation legend.

“But it will have some of our trademark humour alongside the horrific violence, the scene where the alien gets caught in the custard factory and ends up stuck in a barrel of custard is a scream.”

If Aardman’s work on the Alien film is successful, it should make the Bristol studio front runners to take on the Blade Runner 2049 sequel.

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