Hollywood atones for Weinstein scandal by giving half of all Golden Globe acting awards to women

Golden Globes

Hollywood used last nights Golden Globes to make up for years of endemic sexual harassment by awarding exactly half of its acting honours to women.
This is the first time this has happened since the Weinstein scandal and seemed to be the industry’s way of saying – ‘don’t you worry your pretty little heads about this, ladies. We got this.’

“It was important that we, as an industry, showed our support for women, and not just the hot ones,” said leading producer Jason Newman.

“I think that by having a compete 50/50 split with the acting awards between men and chicks shows exactly how seriously we take this issue.”

Indeed it was a clean sweep for women as the awards for best actress in both drama and comedy and best supporting actress in drama and comedy all went to female performers.

“Yeah, we’ve had a few issues in recent months,” continued Mr Newman
“But now we’ve shown here, with these awards, that we can put all that behind us, and there’s no real need to take a look at the huge gender discrepancy in the power positions of director and producer in a way that could genuinely change things.”

It is expected that the upcoming Oscars will fall into line by similarly awarding the same number of acting awards to both men and women, and if that doesn’t finally put the whole issue to bed, then nothing will.

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