Fifa 19 ‘The Journey’ mode sees Alex Hunter join alien football team and win FA Cup on the moon


The next instalment in the popular Fifa series of games will see its well-regarded Journey mode expand its scope to space and beyond.

The previous two games have featured the story of Alex Hunter, a young footballer who becomes a top Premiership star, and the newest episode will see that story reach its natural conclusion as Alex is signed by an alien team from Mars and goes on to take part in a dramatic FA Cup final on the moon.

“I think that fans have really taken to Alex’s story,” said producer Hugh Oldman.

“However, I think there is definitely an expectation now to take the story off-planet.

“I mean, it’s the only obvious direction for Alex’s story to head in.

“The only other option would be to follow his career through to becoming an embittered ex-professional moaning about referees on 5live, and we just don’t have the control scheme for that.”

Mr Oldman went on to explain a little more about Alex’s story.

“Oh, it’s a classic underdog tale.

“Alex is the only human on the team and he’s surrounded by creatures with numerous legs and tentacles, so he’s at a physical disadvantage immediately.

“But there’s also a great deal of prejudice against him for being a member of an inferior species who haven’t even discovered interstellar space travel yet.

“The FA Cup on the moon will prove to be a thrilling end to the tale in which Alex scores such a spectacular header that the aliens and humans unite forever in celebration of football.”

Following the climax of Alex’s story in Fifa 19, a new story will begin featuring a young lad in the reserves at Portsmouth who goes on to become a time-travelling ghost hunter who defeats Dracula in a Champions League final in the past.

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