New adaptation of Christmas Carol set in a zoo or something

Christmas Carol

As the festive season approaches there is, inevitably, a new adaptation of a Christmas Carol on one of the lesser TV channels.

In an attempt to distinguish itself from the 97 other adaptations of a Christmas Carol, this one will be set in a zoo…or a dog pound, something like that. To be honest we weren’t really paying attention.

Something with animals, anyway.

“Whilst we are big fans of the original story, we feel that this new interpretation of the classic tale could really make it relevant for a new generation,” is definitely the sort of thing a studio executive would say about a new adaptation of a Christmas Carol.

This new version will feature a big grumpy dog as Scrooge and Bob Cratchit played by, I don’t know, a nice hamster or something. There will probably be a comedy flatulent pigeon because everyone loves a comedy flatulent pigeon.

The news of a new adaptation of Christmas Carol comes in the wake of Peaky Blinders creator Steve Knight’s announcement that he is planning a new adaptation of Christmas Carol in 2019 that will remain true to the original but with more swearing, guns and Nick Cave.

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