Game of Thrones writers’ Star Wars films to feature ‘astonishing’ amounts of boobs and swearing

star wars

Details are beginning to emerge of Game of Thrones writers David Benioff and DB Weiss plans for their Star Wars project.

“It’s going to mainly be boobs and swearing,” confirmed the pair in a joint statement.

Since the announcement that the pair would be joining Star Wars, there has been concern that they would be abandoning their trademark boobs and swearing for more family-friendly fare, but this fear seems unfounded.

“We are lifelong fans of the Star Wars saga, but like many people we do feel that there isn’t nearly enough boobs and swearing in the films so we’re going to make up for that by putting in an astonishing amount.”

The statement goes on to give a rough outline of the plot.

“A topless slave-girl escapes from her topless corrupt Jedi mistress with the help of a nine-foot tall bear called a f**kie, who is topless. They land on a planet of topless rebels who communicate only in swear words and the topless slave girl leads a topless swearing rebellion against the topless corrupt Jedi.”

The statement goes on to confirm that the slave girl will also probably take her pants off at some point for no good reason.

It will be the first time that the saga has featured nudity since the little seen 80s spin-off comedy – Ewok Frat House Sex Pool Party.

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