Ridley Scott to receive Bafta Fellowship award for having a really lovely beard


Cinema legend Ridley Scott is to be honoured at the forthcoming Bafta ceremony with a much-coveted Fellowship award for having a really lovely beard.

The Fellowship award for having a really lovely beard is the highest honour that Bafta bestows and Scott will be joining previous winners such as Stephen Spielberg, Richard Attenborough, and Dame Maggie Smith.

“Sir Ridley is one of the finest film-makers alive today, and he has a really nice beard,” said Bafta Chairman John Willis.

“If anything, the award is overdue.”

Ridley Scott’s combination of a nice beard and a back catalogue of films that includes Blade Runner, Alien, and that one with Demi Moore when she shaves her head has proved an inspiration for countless young filmmakers.

“Yeah, I saw the beard first and I really liked it,” said Oscar-nominated Greta Gerwig.

“Then I watched Black Hawk Down and was just blown away.

“It was that combination of a realistic depiction of modern warfare and lovely, lovely beard that made me go ‘I’m going to write a charming and heartfelt coming-of-age film that will do pretty well at the Golden Globes.’”

Scott will be presented with the award at the ceremony on 8th February.

Unless he shaves.

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