Donald Trump ‘sh*t’ in Home Alone 2, claims controversial new book


The fallout from Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House continues with the stunning claim that the President was ‘sh*t’ in Home Alone 2.

Addressing Mr Trump’s numerous cameo appearances in film and TV, Wolff says ‘He appeared in many films prior to his Presidency and was awful in all of them, with the exception of Home Alone 2, in which he was ‘sh*t.’”

The claim has angered the president.

“Hey, you know. This guy. This loser with his loser book. I don’t think he’s even seen Home Alone 2,” stated a clearly emotional President Trump.

“I was the best person in the picture. Really the best. Even Macaulay Culkin thought I was the best.”

“After filming our scene together, he came up to me and said ‘you know Mr Trump,’ he had respect, I liked that. ‘You know Mr Trump, even though I’m the star of this picture, in many ways, you’re the real star. You’re the best person in the movie. The very best.’”

“Now, that may have never happened, but it’s completely true.”

Michael Wolff was quick to respond.

“I actually have solid proof that Donald Trump was sh*t in Home Alone 2,” he claimed. He then played Mr Trump’s brief cameo in the film.

“See? Total sh*t.”

Given the strength of Mr Wolff’s evidence, it is thought that Mr Trump’s legal advisers have made it clear that, in the eyes of the law, there is no way to refute Mr Wolff’s claim and by taking it to court, Mr Trump’s being sh*t in Home Alone 2 would become a legal fact.

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