New franchise about a renegade computer programmer on the edge announced


An exciting new franchise about a renegade computer programmer on the edge is currently in the planning stages.

The computer programmer – Jeremy Danger – will be the sort of maverick computer programmer who doesn’t play by the rules but, dammit, he gets the job done.

“We’re really excited about this character,” said Producer Stephen Kennedy

“He’s shocking, he’s unconventional, he’s not afraid to use some javascript to arrest the CPU cycle and prep the memory core for background multi-threading.”

Eschewing the traditional office wear of suit and tie, Jeremy Danger favours a battered leather jacket and sunglasses. However, strict company dress-code does draw the line at jeans, so he wears some faded chinos instead.

He also has a complicated private-life.

“Oh yes, I think it’s fair to say that Jeremy Danger loves the ladies, and the ladies love him,” continues Mr Kennedy

“Why wouldn’t they? Everyone knows that the ladies love a rebel, and there are few as rebellious as Jeremy.”

But with three ex-wives and a girl-friend ten years his junior to juggle, it’s fair to say that sparks could fly.

The first Jeremy Danger film – ‘The Pascal Legacy’ – is planned for later 2020. No casting has been announced but it is rumoured that Nicolas Cage is circling the project.

If successfully there are franchises planned about a renegade postman on the edge, a renegade milliner on the edge and a renegade midwife on the edge that could follow.

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