Avatar 2 – first image emerges


There was considerable excitement across the Internet as the first images from James Cameron’s eagerly awaited sequel to Avatar emerged on twitter.

The picture, which seems to show a group of the new look Na’vi outside an office could indicate that the latest film will explore the world of work on Pandora.

Fans were excited.

“Oh man, I’m totally stoked for this,” said fanatical Avatar fan Barry Avatar.

“The first movie was an exciting adventure in a fantastical world.”

“But what it definitely missed was showing what the Na’vi do for a living.”

“These guys have all got special white hats, so they’re probably really important and work in IT or something.”

The new computer-generated effects at work here seem to have improved considerably since the first film with the Na’vi looking almost human in this image.

“Hmm, if this is genuine, then James Cameron is breaking new ground here,” said special effects guru Ray Baker.

“I mean, the closest anyone else has come to a convincing computer generated human is Shrek.”

So, from what we can piece together so far, Avatar 2 will be set in the IT department of a Pandoran company, possibly insurance and the Na’vi will wear nice hats.

We certainly can’t wait.

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