Hot Gossip – Anna Kendrick lives in a cave, Jason Bateman has no thumbs


Anna Kendrick’s star is on the rise again with the announcement that she has been cast in a new Chris Morris film, but news reaches me that she has some unusual tastes in accommodation.

Whilst most stars of Anna’s stature chose a swanky mansion in glamorous Beverly Hills for a home, Anna prefers the simple life of living in a cave.

“Yeah, it’s just outside of LA, kind of set back aways from the freeway,” said a pal of the Pitch Perfect star.

“There’s usually a fire going and she just sleeps down there in the dirt. There’s a hole outside for…you know.”

“She seems happy enough, but if we’re going to hang out, I have her come to my place.”

Meanwhile, tragic funnyman Jason Bateman has revealed the secret affliction he has battled with all his life, that he was born without thumbs.

“Yeah, it’s been tough, I’m not going to lie,” said the Couples Retreat star.

“When I was just starting out, I’d go to auditions and they’d be like – ‘sorry, we need someone with thumbs’ – then I’d see the movie and you’d hardly see the guy’s thumbs.”

Jason revealed that he came out as having no thumbs as an inspiration to young people with no thumbs

“I just want kids to know that, yes, you may have no thumbs, but you could still be in Teen Wolf Too.”

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