Something about Star Wars

star wars

There was excitement amongst huge swathes of sci-fi fans as it became apparent that something about Star Wars had happened.

The announcement or leaked picture or new toy or trailer or soundtrack clip or anniversary or smell or thought or weird look in John Boyega’s eye is certain to provoke feverish debate over whether or not Luke Skywalker is Chewbacca’s mum or if Darth Vader lives under the sea on the moon or something.

“I literally can’t believe that something about Star Wars has happened,” said Star Wars fan Barry Starwars who really, really bloody loves Star Wars.

“I mean, it’s literally been twenty minutes since the previous Star Wars thing happened.”

“I’ve never been this excited about a thing before in my life, which is incredible because twenty minutes ago, I’d never been as excited in my life about the Star Wars thing that happened then, and I could never believe I could ever be more excited than that.”

It is expected that the feverish excitement about whatever Star Wars thing just happened will only be exceeded by the feverish excitement generated by the next Star Wars thing.

Which should happen in about half an hour.

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