Disney pretty pleased with itself for casting a Chinese actress as a Chinese character


Disney have admitted that they are actually pretty pleased with themselves for the bold decision of casting a Chinese actress in the role of a Chinese actress.

There had been speculation that the live action version of Mulan, a Chinese story with a Chinese cast set entirely in China, may have had a white actress in the lead role but Disney have taken the bold decision to cast a Chinese woman instead.

“Yup, totally Chinese, thank you very much,” said a Disney executive.

“We here at Disney are really quite progressive and I think that, frankly, other film studios should be looking to us for inspiration for our brilliant and progressive casting choices.

“In fact, we’d be happy to offer advice or run some sort of workshops for them

“So, also, you know – you’re welcome China.

“And if you want to give us some sort of award or something, then we’re totally available.”

Whilst it will be a Chinese actress starring in the movie, she will be speaking English

“Well yes, obviously she’ll be speaking English in the film,” confirmed the studio executive

“I mean, come on, she’s a Chinese person in a Chinese story, which is pretty good I think.”

“But a Chinese person playing a Chinese person who actually speaks Chinese?”

“That’s just crazy talk.”

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