Review – The Killing of a Sacred Deer


Okay man, there’s a time when you’ve totally got to take a stand.

That time is totally now.

You should never kill deers, man. Like ever.

It doesn’t matter if they’re sacred or not. Don’t be killing the deers.

So, I didn’t go and see the film. Now, the Screen Idle guy is going to go nuts, and he threatened to do something bad to my terrapin last time I didn’t go and see a film he told me to, but what’s right is right, right?

For the deers, man.

So I got Barry Onions and we went and sat outside the multiplex, you know, so we could totally tell people to not go and see the deer death film.

The protest went well to start with. We managed to stand our ground in the face of the, like, might of the movie industry when Mr Davenport who manages the cinema came out and told us to bugger off.

Weirdly, I reckon the totally heavy handed display of power from The Man got the public on our side as everyone went to see Daddy’s Home and not, you know, Let’s all murder the deer or whatever.

We held out for as long as we could, man and I totally think deers would be proud but we had to move on after a bit because Barry had a few cans and kept trying to take his trousers off.

It was distracting from the message.

Screen Idle star rating – like, minus loads of stars, stop killing the deers.

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