Bryan Singer fired from Freddie Mercury biopic after calling Queen II ‘sh*t’


Director Bryan Singer was dramatically fired from the Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody after claiming that Queen II was ‘sh*t.’

Rumours surfaced that tensions were high on the set after the director and star Rami Malek were seen in heated discussion before Malek stormed back to his trailer screaming ‘Flash Gordon was bullsh*t, man. Bullsh*t.’

“We can confirm that director Brian  Singer will no longer be working with us on Bohemian Rhapsody after he was found to have made denigrating remarks about classic album Queen II,” said an official statement from studio 20th Century Fox.

“We thank Mr Singer for his work on the project so far but, frankly, that sort of nonsense is just not going to fly round here. Queen II is a stone classic, it’s got Seven Seas of Rhye on for God’s sake.”

It is understood that Mr Singer favoured the more ‘pop’ Queen records such as Kind of Magic and, bafflingly, Flash Gordon.

“Yeah, I think that’s probably good,” said Queen fan Vince Jackson

“I mean, yeah, I liked X-Men and everything, but you can’t have a bloke who doesn’t like Queen II directing a film about Freddie.”

“I wouldn’t let someone who doesn’t like it Queen II in my house.”

Mr Jackson also had some bold advice for a replacement.

“John Deacon or me, really.”

Bohemian Rhapsody will be released in 2018 and if they don’t do that bit with the dwarves and cocaine properly, we’ll be ever so disappointed.

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