Elden Ring romance mini-game ‘disappointingly basic’

A spook castle lit by a full moon. Elden Ring romance

There have been further details revealed of FROMSoftware’s new game Elden Ring, including its romance mechanic, which has been criticised for being ‘disappointingly basic.’

It has long been known that with Elden Ring, director Hidetaka Miyazaki was looking to move away from the extreme violence of previous games and so, instead of killing all the in-game enemies, the opportunity will be available to make friends with them or romance them. However, it is this new aspect that has seen criticism.

Kelly Grace is a blogger who was lucky enough to have played some of the game at a recent FROMSoftware showcase.

“Being a girl, I was particularly looking forward to the new romance mechanic,” she said.

“But, it’s disappointingly basic. If you see a corrupted orc, or an armoured skeleton, you simply walk up to it, hold down R1 and press ‘X’ to enter the mini-game.

“After that, the face of the creature fills the screen and starts emitting little pink hearts. The idea is to make those little hearts grow in size until they fill the screen until the corrupted orc becomes your boyfriend.

“The problem is that the only way to do that is to press ‘X’ to give him flowers, or press ‘O’ to hold his hand. That’s it. The whole process lasts about a minute and whether you not you win seems entirely random.

“Once you’ve made him your boyfriend, he goes and sits out of the way and looks lovingly at a picture of you.

“I expected a bit better.”

However, despite the disappointment around the romance mini-game, early reports show that the Elden Ring mini-golf mechanic is surprisingly robust and the karaoke mini-game is one of the best yet seen in any game.

*Alright, perhaps ‘love’ is pushing it, maybe ‘be mildly diverted by’

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