Hot Gossip – Paddington Bear’s partying ‘out of control’


Paddington Bear is the hottest movie bear since that one that beat up Leonardo Dicaprio in The Revenant, with his latest film riding high in the charts and a highly publicised romance with co-star Hugh Bonnville, the Peruvian superstar seems to have it all, but rumours reach me that all may not be well.

“The bear is out of control, way out of control,” said an insider from the set of Paddington 2.

“This film? It was supposed to be ready a year ago. A year! But that damn bear was going crazy, he’d be out all night at the clubs then sleep till midday. Then we might be able to get a handful of shots on before he went back to his trailer to gorge himself on honey and watch David Attenborough shows.”

“Oh yeah, honey. Fortnum’s finest organic. He sacked off the marmalade sandwiches after he got big.”

Whilst a regular and popular face on the London club circuit, it appears that Paddington Bear has been banned from at least two nightclubs.

“There is no way he’s coming back in here. Ever,” said one club owner

“Not after the state he left the toilets in. It’s a disgrace.”

Most worryingly of all, there could be problems with his young love Hugh Bonnville after they were seen shouting at each other in a late night spat on an Oxford Street tube platform, with Hugh screaming at his ursine sweetheart to ‘pay attention to me.’

We here at Screen Idle just hope Paddington calms down a bit as we couldn’t ‘bear’ it if he went completely off the rails.

More goss next week as I reveal which Hollywood heartthrob is a 600 year old vampire.